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about ShinUrl & more...

I'll write more about the group when I find the time.

ShinUrl is no longer an active group. I have moved the contents of the previous web-site to my own personal web-site. I will be keeping the ShinUrl banner and most of its contents.  Shin-Url began as a school pungmul club in Leland High School in Almaden Valley, which is located southern part of San Jose. We practiced pungmulnori with main focus on Pilbong as a base. Since I moved to new high school to teach, Saratoga High School is where we ad been practicing. We have done some performances around the South SF Bay area, however our focus is mainly to practice among ourselves. Please check our history of performances.

I had been teaching pungmul at 새하늘한글학교 from 2009 to 2011 Friday evenings.  Due to my increasing obligation to math clubs in Saratoga High School and Redwood Middle School, I needed to stop my relationship with 새하늘한글학교.

Beginning Juneof 2011, I've been teaching group of students belong to KAYBA Juniors (Korean-American Youth Buddhist Association) on Saturdays in my classroom.  Its sole purpose was to learn enough pungmul to perform in a talent show at Chung Tai Zen Center.  After the performance, few students remained to continue with pungmul along with a small group of adults who were interested.  Now it's a blend of young and older Koreans meeting in my classroom for the sole purpose of playing pungmul.